Twitter Is Busy Debating Delhi vs Bengaluru Rent. Mumbai Has Left The Chat

Bengaluru vs Mumbai vs Delhi: Twitter is full of memes

Twitter Is Busy Debating Delhi vs Bengaluru Rent. Mumbai Has Left The Chat

Memes on Bengaluru vs Mumbai rent have taken over Twitter

If you are an active Twitter user, you may have noticed a sudden increase in the number of posts debating the merits and the demerits of Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. The three metropolitan cities each have a loyal fan base, and the competition between them - although it's not new - has been heating up on the microblogging platform of late. It all seems to have begun with a flurry of posts from Bengaluru residents looking for flatmates to share some truly stunning properties. 

Case in point, this:

Or this:

Mumbaikars were quick to note that the rent quoted in these posts would not go far in the Maximum City. Mumbai, after all, is a city infamous for its high rent. Moreover, the lack of open spaces in the capital of Maharashtra means that houses overlooking parks or fields or any sort of greenery -- like the ones in Bengaluru -- are a rare luxury in Mumbai. 

And that, in turn, gave rise to some hilarious memes. Check them out:

Meanwhile, people from Delhi were amused by the 'Bangalore vs Bombay' debate brewing on Twitter. Several residents of Delhi NCR pointed out that they paid significantly less in rent when compared to the other two cities.

But some begged to differ:

One person even summed up all the arguments playing out on Twitter in one helpful table.

So where do you stand on this debate? Let us know using the comments section.

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