This Spanish Village Threatens Tourist Ban. Here's Why

Binibeca Vell, a village in Menorca, Spain, is considering a ban on tourists due to disruptive behavior.

This Spanish Village Threatens Tourist Ban. Here's Why

The village has seen a surge in visitors in recent years.

Binibeca Vell, a village in Menorca, Spain, has had enough of unruly tourists and is considering a complete ban, according to The Guardian. The idyllic village is looking to protect its peaceful atmosphere from disrespectful visitors who have been reported to break into homes and make noise late at night.

Taking a firm stance, village leaders have already restricted visiting hours, allowing tourists only between 11 am and 8:30 pm Non-compliance could lead to a full-blown ban.

Oscar Monge, representing Binibeca Vell residents, emphasised that the village is not an adventure park but a quiet community. Menorca's tourism director supports the village's decision, acknowledging their right to restrict tourism if they choose to do so.

This action aligns with a wider movement across the Balearic Islands, including Menorca, to regulate tourism and discourage disruptive behaviour, particularly from budget tourists, many of whom are British. Known for its ancient stone monuments, Menorca, smaller than its neighbour Mallorca, seeks to preserve its historical and tranquil character for both residents and respectful visitors.

The Guardian reports that Binibeca Vell's social media popularity has caused a surge in visitors, reaching around 800,000 annually, with a peak season between May and October. Monge anticipates a staggering 1 million visitors this year.

"If the authorities continue to neglect us," he said, "we, the residents, will hold a vote in August to decide on closing the village to tourism."

The threat follows years of complaints by residents. Speaking to the news website last month, one resident vented her frustration over how tourists had behaved while visiting the village. "They went into homes, they sat on chairs, they took things, they climbed on our walls, and they had outdoor drinking parties," she said. "If this isn't regulated, it will happen every summer."

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