The Jobs That Robots Will Never Be Able To Do

Here is why robots will never be able to do certain jobs

Computers, robots and artificial intelligence are sure to make some jobs obsolete in the near future. In fact, a 2017 study hypothesized that by 2030, almost 800 million jobs around the world could be handled by robots instead of people. Already, some roles like cashiers, telemarketers and umpires are increasingly being taken over by computers and artificial intelligence. The advancement of technology means elimination of human error and an increase in efficiency - so what is stopping us from automating the world around us completely? It is the fact that there are some jobs that robots will never be able to do.

What are these jobs? These are jobs that rely on complex human thought patterns, the intricacies of our brains and the uniqueness of our personalities.

Jobs that require compassion, consideration, instinct and relationship skills are all safe from robots. This means that caregivers, nurses, doctors, even salespeople do not have to worry about losing their jobs to robots.

The ability to negotiate a deal, make complex decisions and be 'relatable' to people is something that robots do not possess - yet.  Robots lack the planning and strategizing skills that humans have, which means they will never be able to have a career in politics, consultancy and business.

And what other jobs will robots never be able to do? Watch the video above to find out!

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