The Adventures Of Chapati - An Indie Dog On An International Quest

Born in Kochi, travelling all over Asia

The Adventures Of Chapati - An Indie Dog On An International Quest

Born in Kochi, Chapati pictured here in Nepal. He is travelling with a Ukranian couple that adopted him.

On February 10 this year, a dehydrated, starving and flea-ridden little puppy was discovered in Kochi, Kerala by a travelling Ukrainian couple. They adopted him, named him Chapati and, after countless vet visits and some 'shady' dealings, made a real travelling dog out of him. Chapati is now a dog on a real adventure - and he has thousands of followers hooked on his Instagram account.

Since being rescued in February, Chapati has come a long way - he has been de-wormed and 'deflea'ed, he has travelled in trains, he has visited beaches and temples, and he is now looking forward to visiting more of Asia with his mom and dad.

Here's an abridged version of his exciting journey so far - in photos:

A crying Chapati was discovered by two Ukrainian tourists in February

After visiting two vets, getting shaved and vaccinated and gaining some weight, a healthier Chapati at the beach

A perfect day I got acquainted with Mr. Sand and Mr. Sea. But I prefer Mr. Sand Day 6

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Chapati on his way to Goa in March

In early April, Chapati becomes a real travelling dog as his parents figure out the documents required to take him to Nepal. Thailand, Philippines and more

'Chapati at Chhatrapati'

Chapati at Chhatrapati Day 25

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Chapati travels illegally on a train - according to his post, in India, 'dogs can travel by trains only in AC First Class when you buy out the whole cabin' - something that his parents can't afford to do!

Chapati in Amritsar in May, where he got his rabies vaccination

"So, my friends, we decided to take a risk. I'm going to cross the border illegally. Let me explain to you: it is the only way my parents can take me with them as their Indian visa is expiring and my rabies vaccination is administered not enough time ago to get the required documents," writes Chapati

Chapati makes it safely across the border in early June

Mischief managed My parents took a cycle rickshaw to cross the border. So when they went to the Immigration Office, I could stay with the driver. After they got visas, we proceeded to the nearest bus station. In 100 meters after the border, some kind of official wearing a face mask, but without a uniform or any badge, came over to us. He looked into my crate and after having me found, he asked whether I have all required documents. My parents made pockerfaces, gave positive answer and slowly started to "look for" these documents (still I have lots of them ). But in 10 seconds a mysterious man said 'Okey-okey' and let us go . Overall our way from Delhi to Lumbini lasted 23 hours. We had to use 4 buses, 1 car and 1 cycle rickshaw Day 46

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Chapati the happy dog at the Mayadevi Temple in Nepal

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