"Sounded Like A Gunshot": Plane Crashes Into House, Residents Stunned

Neighbours found the pilot walking around, looking for his glasses.

A neighbourhood was left shocked after a small plane crashed into a house in Danbury, Connecticut. Footage of the incident shows the glider stuck on the roof of the Golden Hill Avenue home. Thankfully, the pilot managed to escape with only minor injuries. The three residents of the house were not injured in the crash, but taken to a hospital for evaluation.

According to News Times, the glider, which operates on battery, ran out of power on Tuesday evening and crashed.

Neighbours rushed out on hearing a sound that one of them described as "a gunshot and a small explosion". According to city Mayor Mark Boughton, they walked into the attic of the house where the plane had crashed and found the pilot walking around, looking for his glasses.

The wings and half of the body of the white glider were still sticking out of the attic, while its tail snapped in half shortly after the crash. The aircraft's fuselage remained embedded in the roof overnight. A crane will now remove it.

Amanda Vinicio Oliveira, who lives in the house where the glider crashed, tells News Times that the incident has left her daughters shaken up.

"(There is) a lot of trauma with the children and they are concerned about where we are going to live," she said.

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