This Article is From Aug 23, 2015

Selfies Can Give Clues to Your Personality: Study

Selfies Can Give Clues to Your Personality: Study

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Singapore: Selfie addicts, take note! Your selfie may give others an insight into your personality-denoting whether you are lazy, positive, or neurotic, a new study has found.

"Little is known about how selfies reflect their owners' personality traits and how people judge others' personality from selfies," researchers said.

The study, led by Lin Qiu of the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, analysed 123 selfie-taking participants, all of whom used a popular Chinese microblogging website known as Sina Weibo.

The participants completed a personality questionnaire, after which another group of 107 Chinese students were asked to view their selfies and make judgements about their personalities, 'Medical Daily' reported.

The researchers found that people who scored higher levels of agreeableness were more likely to emit a positive vibe from their selfies, as well as hold the camera lower.

People who were conscientious, meanwhile, were more likely to hide the location of their selfie, hinting that they were concerned about privacy.

Interestingly, people who pulled duckfaces were more likely to be associated with neuroticism and emotional instability, researchers found.

A person's selfie corresponded well with their own self-evaluation of their personality, they found.

However, the students who guessed personality traits based on the selfies weren't always as accurate.

They were only spot-on when it came to guessing openness and extraversion.

The study was published in the journal Computers in Human Behaviour.