This Article is From Feb 28, 2019

Pizza-Eating Man Photobombs Reporter On Air In Hilarious Video

Over one million views - and counting

Pizza-Eating Man Photobombs Reporter On Air In Hilarious Video

'Hallway pizza guy' has found many fans online for his photobomb act.

Move over, pizza rat. The internet has a new hero, and it's a pizza-eating man who hilariously photobombed a reporter on air. A video going viral with over a million views on Twitter shows a congressional staffer in the US unintentionally photobombing a CBSN reporter while eating pizza - and the Internet is loving it.

According to Mediaite, the video was shot while the reporter was covering former Donald Trump attorney Michael Cohen's testimony on Wednesday afternoon. In the video, as he speaks on camera, a congressional staffer behind him in the hallway proceeds to take a big bite out of his pizza. The short clip captures the moment 'Hallway pizza guy' realises he's in the shot - and it will make you laugh out loud.

Watch the video below:

Netizens haven't stopped laughing at the hilarious photobomb since it was shared online. See some of the best reactions below:

The video even earned the photobomber a loving nickname: Hallway pizza guy

This isn't the first time an unsuspecting news anchor has been photobombed on air. Last year, a scarlet bird landed on a reporter's head during a live broadcast, and the hilarious footage went viral.


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