"Pakistani Shakira": 'Waka Waka' Gets An Innovative Modification From A Mango Seller

Several Pakistani social media users left humorous comments on the post about his singing.

'Pakistani Shakira': 'Waka Waka' Gets An Innovative Modification From A Mango Seller

The video is published on the hamzachoudharyofficial Instagram account.

All types of businesses, from large corporations to street vendors, have utilised catchy jingles to draw in customers and sell their products.

Several videos of street vendors singing while selling their goods have circulated on social media. Recently, a video of a teenage fruit vendor from Pakistan performing the well-known Shakira song Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) in a fresh way went viral on the internet.

The clip was reportedly recorded at Attock, a historic city in Pakistan's Punjab Province, according to the caption.

Watch the video here:

On the internet, the video has around 3 million views and more than 1 lakh Instagram likes.

The post's comment area has received a number of insightful responses from different social media users.

A user called the boy "Pakistani Shakira" in the comments.

"What a talent! No one can stop Pakistan from developing," wrote another user.

"This man really has a talent for singing," commented a third user.

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