Painting Of 2-Year-Old, Dubbed Mini Picasso, Sells For $7,000

Laurent's keen artistic awareness and recognition of his work at exhibitions add to his prodigy status, sharing the spotlight with other young talents.

Painting Of 2-Year-Old, Dubbed Mini Picasso, Sells For $7,000

Laurent's work debuted at Munich's ART MUC and is in demand worldwide.

Two-year-old Laurent Schwarz from Germany is creating a buzz in the art world with his vibrant abstract paintings that depict animals and sell for as much as $7,000, according to The New York Post.

Laurent's artistic journey began during a family vacation last year, when his fascination with the resort's activity room sparked his interest in art. Upon returning home, his parents provided him with a dedicated art studio, where he unleashed his creativity.

As per the news report, Laurent's paintings feature a unique blend of abstract forms with recognisable figures of animals like elephants (his favourite), dinosaurs, and horses. His mother, Lisa, emphasises his preference for bright colours, noting his disinterest in "boring colours" and his clear vision for his colour combinations.

Inspired by her son's talent, Lisa created an Instagram account ( to showcase his work. The account quickly gained popularity, attracting over 29,000 followers and prompting Lisa to begin selling Laurent's artwork online.

Following a successful debut at Munich's biggest art fair (ART MUC) in April, Laurent's paintings have found homes with collectors worldwide. Talks are underway for an exhibition at a New York City gallery.

Despite the commercial success, Lisa prioritises her son's artistic freedom. "It's totally up to him when and what he paints," she says, highlighting periods where Laurent takes breaks from his studio.

Laurent's artistic awareness is another point of surprise for his parents. During the Munich art fair, he reportedly identified two of his paintings among the thousands on display.

While Laurent is a rising star, he's not alone in the young prodigy department. Ace-Liam Nana Sam Ankrah from Ghana, recently recognised by Guinness World Records as the world's youngest artist, began painting at just 6 months old.

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