This Article is From May 04, 2023

Michelin Star Chef Dabiz Munoz To Prepare Dish With Fish Semen

Regarding this most recent and unique addition to the menu at his restaurant, Chef David Munoz is quite optimistic.

Michelin Star Chef Dabiz Munoz To Prepare Dish With Fish Semen

The delicacy is called "shirako" (left), and chef Dabiz Munoz.

There should be a category for strange dishes on every menu, given how online platforms are overrun with odd cuisines or surprising culinary pairings.

A Japanese dish that has been enhanced with "fish semen" by Spanish Michelin-starred chef Dabiz Muoz advances the confusion caused by the world's odd cuisines.

According to The New York Post, the Madrid chef was invited to try the dish by Japanese chef Hiro Sato and was blown away. The delicacy, called shirako, can be harvested from pufferfish, octopus, monkfish, and cod. The semen is extracted by separating the sperm sacs in a male fish and can vary in colour, ranging from white to a pinkish tone.

The upscale fish meal was also included in a photo that the Spanish chef posted on Instagram on April 22.

"Indescriptible, it blew my mind enormously!," Mr Muoz wrote in the caption.

The dish's photo and description sparked a flood of comments and likes on Instagram.

"It was overly outstanding!" commented a user.

"It's warm from the grill and a mouthful. It was difficult for me but has a very memorable texture," wrote another user.

"Just thinking gives me a stomachache, and I eat everything, but if I did not say it until I would seem rich," commented a third user.

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