"Metro Station Or Seduction Station": Holi Celebration Inside Delhi Metro Sparks Debate On Internet

Two girls, dressed in white sarees and suits, can be seen playfully applying coloured powder to each other inside a running metro.

'Metro Station Or Seduction Station': Holi Celebration Inside Delhi Metro Sparks Debate On Internet

The video has garnered widespread criticism.

A video circulating on social media has sparked outrage after capturing two girls engaging in provocative behaviour aboard the Delhi metro during Holi celebrations.

The footage depicts the girls, dressed in traditional Indian attire, applying coloured powder to each other's faces before escalating to more intimate gestures, including rubbing their faces together and lying closely.

The incident, observed by fellow passengers, has drawn sharp criticism from online users, who condemn the girls' actions as inappropriate. Additionally, there are calls for the Delhi Metro Corporation to take strict action against such behaviour.

A social media user posted the video on his X account and captioned it, "We need a law against this asap."

"I am embarrassed just seeing this video! Imagine the people in the background," commented a user on the video.

"It is a metro station or a seduced station," said another user in his sharp reaction to the obscene video.

"No law is required. Just a charge of 1 lakh per 15 seconds would suffice," wrote a third user while commenting on the video.

The video's dissemination has ignited a broader conversation about public decency and the responsibilities of both individuals and authorities in maintaining appropriate behaviour in shared spaces. As discussions unfold, many await potential responses from relevant authorities regarding measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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