Jennifer Lopez Has A Doppelganger And The Internet Can't Keep Calm

No, she's not 'Jenny From The Block' but 'Jay From Houston'

Jennifer Lopez Has A Doppelganger And The Internet Can't Keep Calm

That's Jennifer Lopez and Janice Garay. Can you tell them apart?

Remember back when Vancouver-based fitness vlogger Navpreet Banga's uncanny resemblance to actor Priyanka Chopra took over the Internet? Well, there's a new doppelganger on the scene and this time too, the online world can't keep calm and carry on. Meet Instagram user 'jayfromhouston' who in her own words is 'The Girl Who Is Breakin The Internet', all thanks to her resemblance to singing sensation Jennifer Lopez.


No, hard as it may feel to believe, that's not Jenny From The Block but 'Jay From Houston'.

Now Insta-famous, Janice Garay is actually a health and fitness enthusiast, who enjoys over 1.4 lakh followers on the photo sharing app. Her pictures on Instagram are filled with comments about how she bears a striking resemblance to JLO.

"So what you guys are telling me is that everybody has a twin and JLO happens to be mine? I'll take it!" she posted on Instagram along with this image.

Twinning and how, right?!

Ms Garay clearly doesn't mind being called the singer's twin. "She is my idol. She's somebody that I looked up to since I was a little girl. It is flattering," she told

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"You looks so much like @jlo," says one Instagram user on the pictures. "Wow it's crazy how much you look like Jennifer Lopez! Beautiful!" says another.

"I think JLo will be glad to meet you. She could use you as double," comments an Instagram user. "I honestly thought ur were @jlo," comments another.

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