How One Woman Managed To Trade A Bobby Pin For A Tiny House

Demi Skipper has managed to trade her way up to a small cabin

How One Woman Managed To Trade A Bobby Pin For A Tiny House

Demi Skipper has traded her way up to a small cabin.

A woman in California has managed to exchange a bobby pin for a small cabin through a series of clever trade-ups. Demi Skipper, from the San Francisco Bay area, started her Trade Me Project on Instagram and TikTok back in May, reports Ladbible

"Original item = 1 bobby pin. Follow along to watch me trade my way to a house," she wrote, sharing a picture of the bobby pin that she later traded for a pair of earrings.

After six months of trading and 25 swaps, Ms Skipper has managed to turn the bobby pin into a small, luxurious cabin. Over the course of these six months, she also amassed over 4 million followers on TikTok and 2 lakh followers on Instagram.

Announcing the impressive success of her Trade Me Project, she said: "After six months of trading a single bobby pin until I have a house, it finally happened. In my last trade, I traded a 2006 Mustang for a 2011 Jeep.

"I traded the Jeep for a brand new Wild Bound Tiny Cabin. The trade really is unbelievable."

Take a look at her cabin below:

Before starting with her project, Ms Skipper had made a couple of rules for herself. These included no trading with friends and family and not investing money into improving any item.

Over six months, she exchanged her original item - the bobby pin - for a pair earrings, the earrings for a set of glasses, those for a vacuum cleaner and so on. 

"It's been amazing to sort of take money out of the picture and how people value different items and then see the person who trades me and we both think of that's an incredible deal and works out in my favor and also works out for them too," Ms Skipper was quoted as saying by ABC 10.

The 29-year-old is now hoping to trade the cabin for a proper house. 

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