Hearing-Impaired Dad Talks To Daughter Using Sign Language In Viral Video

"I'm your daddy. I love you," the man uses sign language to tell his daughter

Hearing-Impaired Dad Talks To Daughter Using Sign Language In Viral Video

A video of a father using sign language has garnered over 5.9 million views.

A viral video of a hearing-impaired father interacting with his newborn daughter using sign language has left many netizens teary-eyed. Retired US basketball professional Rex Chapman shared the heartwarming video of the dad using sign language to say "I love you" to his baby daughter. The video has gone massively viral with over 5.9 million views on Twitter since being shared online just three days ago.

In the 41-second-long video, the father holds his newborn daughter in his arms and uses sign language to talk to her. According to one Twitter user, who provided a translation in the comments section, he signs: "Daddy. I'm your daddy. I love you. You're a beautiful girl. Your eyes are such a beautiful color, bright green!"

Watch the heartwarming video below, it's the perfect way to brighten up your day:

The video has been viewed over 5.9 million times since being shared online. It seems to have struck a chord with viewers, with some calling it "adorable" and others dropping comments like "Love does not need sound".

Take a look at some of the reactions the video has collected:

Two years ago, a heartwarming video of a grandma teaching sign language to a nine-month-old baby had gone viral online.

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