"One Thing You Wish Your Were Taught In School". Harsh Goenka Gets Amazing Replies

English communication skills and financial planning were among the topics that many users replying to Harsh Goenka felt should have been a part of school curriculum.

'One Thing You Wish Your Were Taught In School'. Harsh Goenka Gets Amazing Replies

Even more interesting were the answers to Harsh Goenka's question. (File)

Schooling is the most crucial phase of our lives during which we build our foundation. However, it is also often said that real learning starts once we are out of the confines of the school and gain first-hand knowledge. Touching on this topic, industrialist Harsh Goenka has posed an intriguing question on Twitter that elicited a flurry of responses from users.

“What is that one thing that you wish you were taught in school (which you weren't)?” the chairman of the RPG Group asked.

Even more interesting were the answers to this question.

"English communication skills. Not water down English medium schooling," wrote a user.

For many, managing finances and financial planning were the skills that were missing from the school curriculum.

These users were of the same opinion.

Another wrote, "Basics of personal finance and value of money?"

"Managing money and making better financial decisions. This is the single biggest factor between a mediocre career and a prosperous future for most people," a person wrote.

For this user, teaching students about mental health can help them tackle the stress in their careers ahead. 

This one too underlined the importance of mental health.

Some found "civic sense, courtesy, and etiquette” to be absent from the school syllabus.

One offered a whole list of skills that must be taught in schools.

"To go after and hone the passion and interests I have. Instead of making me learn textbook knowledge which by far hasn't come to any use," said a user.

So, what is your answer to it?

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