This Article is From Aug 24, 2020

Golden Retriever Makes Friends With Dolphins. Video Is Adorable

Kevin the golden retriever met Winter the dolphin.

Golden Retriever Makes Friends With Dolphins. Video Is Adorable

Kevin the golden retriever meets Winter the dolphin.

An Instagram-famous golden retriever has doubled the cuteness quotient on the platform with his posts about meeting his dolphin friends. According to People Magazine, Kevin is a golden retriever from Tampa, Florida, who is famous for his cute duck hat. In July this year, Kevin caught the attention of the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, which houses a duck-loving rescue dolphin named Winter.

The Clearwater Marine Aquarium invited Kevin to video chat with Winter the dolphin and her keeper, Katie Wojdyla. They also sent Kevin a video of the dolphin playing with a rubber duck while inviting him to a virtual meeting. A clip shared on Instagram by the aquarium shows Kevin the golden retriever sniffing curiously at the laptop screen while watching the video. 

"Is This The Start Of A Pawfect Friendship?" the aquarium asked while sharing the video - and turns out, it actually was.

According to Travel + Leisure, Kevin's owner, Elysse Gorney, took him on a trip to the aquarium on August 7 - and it was all documented on Instagram for his 2 lakh followers. 

"Kevin had the entire aquarium to himself and he met so many new friends," Ms Gorney said. 

At the aquarium, the golden retriever got to meet Winter and the other dolphins, Hope, PJ, Nicholas, and Hemingway.

A video of the meeting has collected thousands of views and gushing comments on the photo and video sharing platform.

"Looks the most amazingest day ever!!" wrote one Instagram user, while another said, "This is quite possibly the greatest video every created."

Another video, which has collected over 1.5 lakh views on Instagram, shows the dog meeting other aquarium residents like pelicans.

Winter the dolphin received a prosthetic tail after getting caught in a crab trap. Winter has starred in films such as Dolphin Tale and Dolphin Tale 2.

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