This Article is From Mar 15, 2018

Gold, Platinum Bars Spill Across Russian Runway As Plane Door Flies Open

It briefly rained gold, platinum and diamonds in the Russian city of Yakutsk today

Gold, Platinum Bars Spill Across Russian Runway As Plane Door Flies Open

A handout pic provided by YakutiaMedia news agency shows precious metal ingots on the runway in Yakutsk

A plane in Russia lost much of its precious cargo after a door accidentally flew open upon takeoff and sent gold and platinum bars as well as diamonds flying across the runway. According to local news reports, at least three tonnes of gold worth a stunning $378 million was scattered across the tarmac. The incident took place on Thursday in Russia's eastern city of Yakutsk. 

According to Tass, an An-12 cargo plane operated by the airline Nimbus carrying about nine tonnes of precious metals lost at least third of its cargo during takeoff from the Yakutsk airport. 
Damage to the plane's cargo hatch and possibly strong winds caused it to fly open. Some reports suggest the staff who prepared the plane for takeoff may be to blame for the glitch.

The plane made an emergency landing at a village 12 kilometers from Yakutsk.

And while all the crew members on-board the flight were safe, the same could not be said of its priceless contents. 
Eyewitnesses say they saw the gold, platinum and diamonds sparkling in the snow.
Local authorities immediately sealed the runway and began a search to recover the precious metals, reports The Moscow Times

"A total of 172 gold bars weighing 3.4 tonnes have been found so far," a local transport police spokesperson told Tass.

Wonder who will get their hands on the rest of the sparklers and precious metal ingots.Click for more trending news