Elvis Presley's 'Lion Claw' Necklace Heads To Auction With $1 Million Valuation

Elvis Presley's iconic "Lion Claw" necklace is anticipated to command a significant sum as it goes up for auction online next month.

Elvis Presley's 'Lion Claw' Necklace Heads To Auction With $1 Million Valuation

The Lion Claw necklace was more than just a piece of jewelry to Elvis.

Jewelry once owned by the legendary American singer and actor Elvis Presley is hitting the auction block. Elvis' die-hard fans who are eager to acquire his iconic lion claw necklace might need to be prepared to spend around one million dollars or more to secure it.

Elvis Presley's Lion Claw necklace is an iconic piece of jewelry that he wore for many years, both on and off stage. It was a gold lion's claw pendant set with diamonds and rubies. The necklace was a symbol of Elvis's status as the "King of Rock and Roll" and is considered one of the most valuable pieces of Elvis memorabilia in existence. He was photographed wearing it on many occasions, including his meeting with Muhammad Ali in 1975.

According to TMZ, the piece is bedazzled with diamonds and rubies, and it's been on display for years at the Elvis Presley Museum, but now it's going up for auction with Gotta Have Rock and Roll.

Despite the starting bid of $350,000, experts anticipate that Elvis Presley's iconic Lion Claw necklace could fetch a staggering $1 million at auction.

"The number of pictures in which Elvis can be seen wearing this necklace is mind-blowing; he wore it throughout his daily life, on and off stage," auctioneers wrote in the listing.

"The provenance for this item is also impeccable. The Claw comes with the provenance of the person who custom made the Claw for Elvis with diamonds and rubies. Also, with the official authentication from the Elvis Presley Museum, home of the Claw for many years," said the auction website.

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