This Article is From Apr 04, 2017

Delhi, Rejoice! This Startup Brings Dogs To Your Doorstep

Delhi, Rejoice! This Startup Brings Dogs To Your Doorstep
New Delhi: A Delhi startup is working very hard to turn all your frowns into smiles... with adorable dogs and puppies. Fur Ball Story is a company that will bring dogs to your doorstep, in case you're having a bad day. Started by Animesh Katiyar, Srishti Sharma and Arushi Dixit, Fur Ball Story defines itself as a company that aims to help you lead a stress-free life. With their startup, the team hopes to popularise pet therapy in India.

Fur Ball Story's three-fold mission, according to their website, is to encourage adoptions, decrease animal abuse and increase productivity through pet-assisted interventions. To facilitate all of this, Fur Ball Story will bring its furry army of dogs to your workplace, your home and even schools and hospitals.

See two of their dogs, Angel and Muffin, below:

So if you're in Delhi, you can play with these adorable dogs, take them on walks, spend a relaxing day with them and feel your stress vanish.

Fur Ball Story's social media pages have already been flooded with praise and appreciation for their initiative. Says one commenter on a Facebook video, "They are the cutest and the most adorable pups... you guys are doing a great job with this startup of yours. Kudos n all the best!" Another writes, "My kids loved their pet therapy time."

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