This Article is From Aug 07, 2018

'Dear Prime Minister,' He Wrote To Imran Khan. Oops, Wrong Imran

"I guess I can no longer ignore the call to action," wrote Imran Khan, the actor

'Dear Prime Minister,' He Wrote To Imran Khan. Oops, Wrong Imran

The image shared by actor Imran Khan on Instagram.

Instagram users got the opportunity to witness a classic case of mistaken identities - thanks to Imran Khan - the actor. About an hour ago, the Bollywood star shared on his Instagram a screenshot of a message he had received. The only problem? The message had been addressed to "Prime Minister Imran Khan sahib." No points for guessing that the message was actually meant for Pakistani cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan, whose Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf emerged as the single largest party in the country's July 25 general election. Imran the actor's blue-ticked account was clearly taken for Imran the politician, who is not on Instagram. He in on Twitter (but then, so is actor Imran).

The Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na star, however, is not one to let these tiny matters of identity stand in his way. After receiving the message in which the sender requested to be made part of his team, actor Imran Khan took to Instagram to assure his followers that he could "no longer ignore the call to action."

"I guess I can no longer ignore the call to action. Gonna start drafting some policy outlines this week, I'll keep you guys updated," wrote Imran Khan in a hilarious caption accompanying the picture.

Since being shared online just one hour ago, the picture has already received almost 5,000 'likes' and hundreds of comments.

"I have actually always wondered how many times you get confused for the other Imran Khan," wrote one person on Instagram. "HAHAHAH! From actor to Prime Minister," laughed another.

With politician Imran Khan reportedly set to take oath as Pakistan's Prime Minister on August 14, we suppose actor Imran Khan should brace himself for more such requests.

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