Cop Slips As Oncoming Car Slides On Icy Road. Close Call Caught On Camera


The car narrowly misses hitting him

The shocking video is now being used to warn everyone to be safe on the road.

A police officer's close call against an oncoming car on an icy road has been caught on camera. The video, posted on Facebook by Hurst Police Department in Texas, US, is being used to caution commuters about frozen and slippery roads.

"An example of why we highly discourage traveling in the current weather conditions. The roads are extremely dangerous. If you must travel, take caution and be safe," says the post, shared on January 1, along with the video. It shows a police officer almost being hit by an oncoming car that slipped and lost control on an icy road.

The video shows the police officer walking away from a halted car. Seconds later he is seen walking faster as if trying to get away from something. Turns out it was a car that had lost control due to the icy road.

The officer is seen trying to get out of the car's way, walking as fast as possible on the icy road. However, he suddenly slips. The oncoming car, sliding on the road, narrowly misses him.


"It was pretty close, I'd say a couple feet. From my hand to the tire, less than that," Officer Jonathan Cramer told

The shocking video is now being used to warn everyone to be safe on the road, especially in such situations. Since being posted, the clip has collected over 7.2 lakh views, some 3,400 reactions and more than 11,000 shares.

"Oh my goodness, thank God the officer is OK. I was thinking of going to the store but thank you for warning us with this video," says one Facebook user on the video. "Wow! That was so very close! Thank God he's OK," says another.