Man With Nail In Skull Has No Idea How It Got There

There was a 48mm-long nail embedded in his skull

Man With Nail In Skull Has No Idea How It Got There

Doctors found a nail in Mr Hu's skull.

Last Friday, a man in China went to the hospital complaining of a splitting headache. On examining him, doctors found the unlikely cause - a 48mm-long nail embedded in his skull. However, the most surprising part of the whole incident is that the man says he has no idea how the nail got there.

According to local reports, the 43-year-old man, surnamed Hu, worked as a supervisor in a cement factory in Chongyang. He visited the Chongyang County People's Hospital on October 5. Mr Hu says he ignored his headache for a few days before the pain finally got so bad that he had to visit the doctor.

At the hospital, a CT scan revealed the shocking sight of the long nail embedded on the right side of his skull.

Mr Hu says that his job involves looking at security cameras at a cement factory, a role that keeps him well away from nails of all shapes and sizes.

For the time being, however, Shanghaiist reports that the mystery of how the nail got there has been put aside and Mr Hu has been referred to a larger hospital to have the nail extracted.


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