Watch: Bear Charges At Tamil Nadu Biker In Hair-Raising Video

The video shows a biker cruising on a hilly road till he comes across the bear family

Watch: Bear Charges At Tamil Nadu Biker In Hair-Raising Video

Screengrab from a video shared on Twitter by Anand Mahindra.

Industrialist Anand Mahindra shared a video on his Twitter handle that is sure to give everyone an “adrenaline rush”. Shot in the hills of the Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, the video, which was a little over a minute, shows a biker recording his journey through a narrow stretch of a winding road, giving his point of view. Surrounded on either side by greenery, the biker keeps on negotiating the curves until he spots something and decides to halt — a little ahead, a family of three bears had occupied the road. It's all calm with the bears lazing on the road, till something happens.

Halfway into the video, we can see one of the bears starting to maintain eye contact with the biker. Suddenly, the animal charges towards the biker and the video comes to an abrupt end. Since the ending is inconclusive, we are left hanging on to what happened next.

In his post, Mr Mahindra, too, asked viewers to watch till the end to feel the rush.

Here's the video:

Since being posted yesterday, the video has been viewed over 1.2 lakh times and got over 4,200 likes. It elicited a number of reactions, from people commenting about “sloth bears” to a user even posting a clip of both the rider and bears being “safe”.

Ahmed Sayeed, the user, wrote, “Both are safe. The rider while on his way back home. Still bears in the same vicinity.”

Another user, Harish Rao, wrote that “seeing mother and cubs” and also “the fact that the riders maintained a responsible distance” made it a “double delight”. He added, “Sloth Bears - as are most wild animals - so rare to sight, we need to give them right of way and maximum possible space.”

Another user said it was “scary” and went on to add, “I had a jump in heartbeat almost dropped the phone.”

Ajoy Thipaiah warned people not to mess around with Indian Sloth Bears saying that they have poor vision but a great sense of smell and hearing. He added, “Extremely short tempered and a mother with cubs is best kept as far away as possible, not like the biker here. We see them in plantation areas frequently and they can do serious damage.”

Here are a few other reactions:

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