This Article is From May 25, 2023

"Back In Touch With Nature": US Man Quits Job And Moves Into Jungle Treehouse In Hawaii

Leaving his life in the city behind, a supermarket cashier now resides in a self-built treehouse in the middle of a Hawaiian jungle.

'Back In Touch With Nature': US Man Quits Job And Moves Into Jungle Treehouse In Hawaii

Robert Breton lives in the jungle in a treehouse.

Who doesn't enjoy living close to the natural world?

However, in the era of digitization, this idea can only be realised as a jungle vacation-and not more-because metropolitan life keeps luring urban citizens.

But there is one person in northern California who not only quit his job and relocated to the forests of Hawaii but who also built his own treehouse from scratch, relies solely on rainwater, and grows all of his own food.

According to The Metro, 35-year-old Robert Breton ditched his life as a supermarket cashier in Northern California to live remotely because he wanted to 'preserve nature as a whole. He has been living remotely since 2011, when he travelled throughout the US in a van to find the perfect place to build a house.

He bought the land using his monthly TikTok earnings and said he does not 'miss a thing' from his previous life. In 2020, he decided to settle in Hawaii and bought a quarter of an acre of land plus building materials for around $29,850 (approximately Rs 24,69,857).

Robert regularly shares updates related to his forest life on social media platforms in the form of videos and images. Simultaneously, he also tells people how he grows his own food and detoxifies his body during tough times.

"I help people escape the matrix and go beyond the limitations of our modern world by getting back in touch with nature," Robert Breton's Instagram profile reads.

He has more than 1 lakh followers on Instagram who regularly interact with him about life in the lap of nature.

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