A Herd Of Angry Cows Was No Match For This Brave Goose. Watch Viral Video

In the video, a lone Canadian goose stands up to a group of cows.

A Herd Of Angry Cows Was No Match For This Brave Goose. Watch Viral Video

One brave goose faces a bunch of angry cows in a viral video.

One lonely goose gives tough competition to a herd of angry cows in a video going viral online. Social media users can't stop cheering the brave bird that took on a bunch of cows and stood its ground even as they tried to intimidate it. This David vs Goliath face-off is not a recent one - it has been doing the rounds of the Internet since 2017. The video recently resurfaced on social media after it was shared on Twitter by IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra. 

In the video, the black and brown bird - identified by the Daily Mail as a Canadian goose - stands surrounded by a herd of aggressive cows. The cows appear to take turns in taunting the goose, charging at it repeatedly. The little brave goose, however, stands its ground defiantly and refuses to give in to its bullies, even nipping a cow's head and flapping its wings courageously in the face of imminent danger. 

"There's no illusion greater than fear," wrote Mr Kabra while sharing the clip one day ago. Take a look at it below:

Since being shared on the microblogging platform on Monday, the video has collected over 2.6 lakh views and more than 18,000 'likes'. Many in the comments section hailed the heroic goose. 

"I want to be as bold as this bird," wrote one person in the comments section. 

"The power of courage," said another, while a third added: "Hilarious! Brave bird."

This is not the first time that an unlikely participant in a fight has had social media users cheering for it. Recently, a video of a face-off between a tiny frog and a big leopard had also gone viral online. 

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