This Article is From Jan 01, 2015

10 Social Media Sins We Hope We Won't Have to See in 2015

10 Social Media Sins We Hope We Won't Have to See in 2015

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The New Year has begun, and like your favourite nosy neighbourhood aunty, we want you to be a better version of yourself. In the spirit of doing everyone a good turn, we bring you the 10 social media sins we hope won't be repeated in 2015:  

1. Pout selfies! Or is it "pout-fies?" Look, if you were supposed to look like a duck, you'd be a duck.

mona lisa.jpg
Et tu, Mona Lisa?

2. Also, belfies. Because no, we don't really want to see your butt.


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Take the hint, Kim.

3. #Stop#using#hashtags#like#decoration#you#gigantic#moron# 



4. Ima gonna say dis 1 tym nly: TYPE THE WHOLE DODDAMN WORD. Also, HBD? HNY? Really? What are you so busy doing that you cannot even be bothered to type a greeting properly?

Seriously, stop.

5. Stop checking-in into every single establishment, road or nukkad you walk into.
Especially if you're one of those idiots who accept friend requests from strangers or barely-known acquaintances.

6. Impossibly long and senseless forwarded messages. Also those messages that end with .."forward to 10 other friends". I'll risk that trip to hell, thanks. 



7. Mass-tagging. WHY? I mean why would you even think of tagging me along with 40 others if I am not in it? Do not ghost-tag. It makes people hate you. 

fb tagging.jpg


8. Horrible Parent Updates in form of pictures of their kids preening in underwear on social media. Thisistheinternet. There are creeps here. Use your brains people.


9. STOP adding people you do not know and then cribbing about the invasion of privacy thanks to the evil, evil web. You're enabling it by being so needy in the virtual 'friend' department. 

   What sort of logic is that?

10. Spamming by sending game requests and invitations to most random events. If I wanted to run, I'd run. And as far as 'giving life' is concerned Candy Crush lovers, please consider your own existence a gift from us and move on.   



Happy 2015 everyone! May you all make newer and better mistakes this year!