This Article is From Dec 10, 2010

Mumbai man threw child out of moving train on tantrik's orders

Mumbai man threw child out of moving train on tantrik's orders
Mumbai: The Mumbai police have said that 19-year-old Chhotu Mandal who was arrested for flinging four-year-old Sadhna Jamdade from a moving train on Tuesday, was actually planning to abduct her with the intention of killing her on the directive of a tantrik.

According to the police, the accused was frustrated as he was unemployed. He visited a tantrik, who told him to find a child between 5-7 years of age, slit her/his throat and drink the blood to find a job.

He heeded the advice of the tantrik and grabbed Sadhna in the train. However, he panicked as there were several witnesses and instead threw her off the train.

"Chhotu informed the doctors that the tantrik had told him to steal a baby to get a job," said Deputy Police Commissioner (GRP) Ashok Deshbhratar.

The police explained that they are keeping a strict vigil on Jamdade. "He is under our vigilance. We have so far conducted search operations at his uncle's residence in Kandivli twice. But, nothing has been found," added Deshbhratar.

The Jamdade family had come to the city to pay their respect to Dr Ambedkar at Shivaji Park.

On their return, Sameer, the victim's father got into a spat during which Chhotu picked up Sadhna and threw her out of the train