This Article is From Mar 15, 2011

11-year-old in Mumbai kills herself over her diary

Mumbai: After her mother allegedly read her diary, an 11-year-old was found hanging in her bedroom at her home two hours from Mumbai.

The suicide was reported on Monday afternoon in Ulhasnagar.

The police is investigating how Sayoni Chatterjee arranged for the rope that she used to hang herself from a fan. She left behind a note, apologizing to a boy in her class who was a close friend of hers. Entries in her diary suggest the two children often wrote to each other.

After reading Sayoni's diary, her mother went to her school yesterday to meet the principal.

In her last letter to her friend, found in her bedroom, she wrote, "I am sorry...when I was not there, she (Sayoni's mother) read my personal diary..."

"When we examined her, we found there was a wound on her neck. We asked her mother how did this happen. Her mother told us that she was tense, and she committed suicide by hanging herself from the suicide note was found," says DF Patil, a senior police officer handling the case.