This Article is From Mar 23, 2017

BJP Protests Against Trinamool Congress Leaders Seen In Narada Sting

Bengal BJP workers protesting against state government over Narada scam in Kolkata. (PTI)

Kolkata: The BJP in Kolkata on Wednesday hit the streets demanding the resignation of Trinamool Congress lawmakers and ministers who were allegedly seen on tape accepting bribes for favours. The Narada sting was released just before the assembly elections in West Bengal last year but last week the Calcutta High Court said prima facie it seemed to be a cognizable offence and ordered the CBI to investigate. The Supreme Court agreed with the High Court after leaders of Mamata Banerjee's party appealed against the move.

BJP protesters, who marched from College Square near the party office to Esplanade less than 5 km away, got into a scuffle with the police at Esplanade as the police put up barriers to stop the protesters from entering the main square at Esplanade. An effigy with the faces of the politicians seen in the Narada sting was burnt right beside the barricade. "Not just the Minister seen in the tape, the Chief Minister should also resign as she is leading a corrupt government," BJP leader Chandra Bose said. Mr Bose had contested against Mamata Banerjee in the Assembly elections last year.

"Make room for 30-40 people in jail. First start with 12 people and gradually all the secrets will be out in and the space in jail will run out. TMC has big leaders, it will take time to make 5 star arrangements inside the jail," Rajya Sabha lawmaker and BJP leader Roopa Ganguly said.

But it's not just the BJP that is upping the ante against Mamata Banerjee as the Trinamool finds itself in an embarrassing position after the Narada sting operation. The Congress has planned a similar rally in the city on Saturday and the Left is also targeting Mamata Banerjee for protecting her partymen.

"The administration is busy protecting the culprits and falsely implicating the whistle-blower. Now, Mamata will have to rush to Modi government to seek support to save themselves from CBI probe," CPI(M) lawmaker Mohammad Salim said.

Meanwhile, the man behind the Narada sting operation case, Mathew Samuel has complained to the Kerala Director General of Police and the Station House Officer (SHO) of Dwarka Police Station in the capital about a threat to him, his family and colleagues after what he describes as several instances of his colleagues and family members being followed by unknown men. Mr Samuel has claimed the suspicious people shadowing him could be an attempt to eliminate him and has demanded an inquiry.