This Article is From Jul 08, 2016

After Blaming Congress Minister On TV, Karnataka Cop Hangs Himself

MK Ganapathy, 51, was serving as an Deputy Superintendent of Police in Mangaluru. (File Photo)


  • MK Ganapathy said minister KJ George was harassing him
  • He also blamed 2 seniors in the police force on TV
  • Hours later, he killed himself. Minister denies accusations
In the afternoon, a local TV channel aired an interview of a senior police officer declaring that "if anything happens" to him, those who should be held responsible include KJ George, a minister in the Congress government.

Last evening, MK Ganapathy was found, in uniform and with his service revolver fastened to his belt, hanging from the ceiling of a lodge in the Kodagu district, about 270 km from the capital of Bengaluru.

Mr Ganapathy, 51, was serving as Deputy Superintendent of Police in Mangaluru.  He was being investigated after charges of corruption and fake encounters or extra-judicial killings. Mr George, the minister accused of harassing him, said Mr Ganapathy met him two years ago asking for the inquiry against him to be dropped. At the time, Mr George was Home Minister. He now handles Town Planning.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has said the suicide and Mr Ganapathy's claims will be investigated in detail.

In his TV interview, the  policemen said that he was being harassed by two of his bosses in the police force and the minister over the charges against him.

His wife Paavani, has supported her husband's version of events. But Mr Ganapathy was being treated for depression according to his father and brother, who is also a senior cop.

"He was under treatment for depression and delusion. He was not able to cope with the pressures that are quite routine to serving in the police force," said Mr Ganapathy's brother, MK Thimmaiah.

The two police officers blamed by Mr Ganapathy are reputed for their integrity.