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BINA-GUNA PASSENGER (51607) Route, Time Table, Schedule

Number 51607
Destination GUNA (GUNA)

51607 Bina-guna Passenger is a Passenger (PAS) which is running between Bina Jn (BINA) and Guna (GUNA). Bina-guna Passenger covers total journey of 118 kilometers. At 06:20 it departs from Bina Jn and at 09:15 it arrives at Guna. 51607 Bina-guna Passenger has total 17 stopping station like MUNGAOLI (MNV), ORR (ORR), SHADHORAGAON (SHDR) etc. between both source and destination stations. Check here 51607 Running status

Last one week running status of the BINA-GUNA PASSENGER
1st January RT
16th July RT
13th July RT
7th May RT
12th March RT
1st March RT
28th February RT
4th February RT
Current Location of the Train (1st January)BINA JN ( BINA )
Check Running Status
Train Avg. speed 41 km/hr
Journey Distance 118Km.
Train Travel Time 2 Hr 55 Min.
Type of Train PASSENGER (PAS)
Train Running schedule Daily (All Days)

BINA-GUNA PASSENGER - 51607 Train Schedule

Stations Arrival Departure Halt Distance Day
Stations BINA JN Arrival starts Departure 06:20 Halt - Distance - Day 1
Stations MAHADEOKHEDI Arrival 06:32 Departure 06:33 Halt 1 m Distance 8 km Day 1
Stations SEMARKHERI Arrival 06:41 Departure 06:42 Halt 1 m Distance 13 km Day 1
Stations KANJIYA Arrival 06:49 Departure 06:51 Halt 2 m Distance 20 km Day 1
Stations MUNGAOLI Arrival 06:59 Departure 07:01 Halt 2 m Distance 28 km Day 1
Stations GUNERU BAMORI Arrival 07:11 Departure 07:12 Halt 1 m Distance 37 km Day 1
Stations PIPRAIGAON Arrival 07:21 Departure 07:23 Halt 2 m Distance 48 km Day 1
Stations RAHATWAS Arrival 07:31 Departure 07:32 Halt 1 m Distance 57 km Day 1
Stations ORR Arrival 07:39 Departure 07:40 Halt 1 m Distance 62 km Day 1
Stations HINOTIA PIPALKHERA Arrival 07:46 Departure 07:47 Halt 1 m Distance 66 km Day 1
Stations ASHOK NAGAR Arrival 07:55 Departure 07:57 Halt 2 m Distance 74 km Day 1
Stations RATIKHEDA Arrival 08:06 Departure 08:08 Halt 2 m Distance 82 km Day 1
Stations SHADHORAGAON Arrival 08:18 Departure 08:19 Halt 1 m Distance 90 km Day 1
Stations PILIGHAT Arrival 08:28 Departure 08:29 Halt 1 m Distance 99 km Day 1
Stations PAGARA Arrival 08:36 Departure 08:37 Halt 1 m Distance 105 km Day 1
Stations MABAN Arrival 08:39 Departure 08:40 Halt 1 m Distance 113 km Day 1
Stations GUNA Arrival 09:15 Departure Ends Halt - Distance 118 km Day 1

Frequently Asked Questions

What time BINA-GUNA PASSENGER depart from BINA JN Railway Station?

BINA-GUNA PASSENGER (51607) departs from BINA JN Railway Station at 06:20.

How much time BINA-GUNA PASSENGER take to reach GUNA Railway Station?

BINA-GUNA PASSENGER reach on day 1 to GUNA Railway Station. The arrival time of BINA-GUNA PASSENGER at GUNA Railway Station is 09:15.

Distance covered by BINA-GUNA PASSENGER?

BINA-GUNA PASSENGER covers 118 km to reach GUNA Railway Station at average speed of 41 km/hr. BINA-GUNA PASSENGER passes through 17 stations.

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