World cheers India's Mars mission

World cheers India's Mars mission

India on Tuesday successfully launched Mangalyaan to Mars.

India on Tuesday successfully launched Mangalyaan to Mars, a Rs. 450-crore mission that has been in the making for over 15 months with over 500 scientists working on it.

Here is what the foreign media is saying on the launch:

The Guardian: India's Mars rocket Mangalyaan blasts off

India aims to follow US, Europe and Russia in having successful Mars mission amid criticism at home about Isro's spending. Read more

ABC News: India launches Mars orbiter mission, heralds new space race

The Curiosity rover might be getting a visitor from Earth sometime next year, courtesy of the world's largest democracy. Read more

Los Angeles Times: India's Mars spacecraft begins journey to the Red Planet

The spacecraft lifted off early Tuesday morning. It will spend the next several weeks in orbit around Earth and on Dec. 1 head out on the arduous 300-day journey to the Red Planet. Read more

The New York Times: Indian craft is lofted toward Mars, trailed by pride and questions

India lofted a Mars-bound spacecraft into Earth's orbit on Tuesday, a major step in its hopes to become the first country in Asia to reach Mars. Read more

Time: India Races To Space With a Mission to Mars

India's Mars mission took fifteen months to complete at a cost of $74 million, the cheapest Mars mission yet attempted. Read more

Washington Post: India launches its first mission to Mars in step toward space travel

India on Tuesday launched its first spacecraft bound for Mars, a complex mission that it hopes will demonstrate and advance technologies for space travel. Read more

The Wall Street Journal: India Launches Mars Mission

India launched a spacecraft toward Mars on Tuesday, setting the country on course to become the first in Asia to reach the Red Planet and lifting the national mood at a time of economic uncertainty. Read more
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