World AIDS Day 2021: Share These Quotes, WhatsApp And Facebook Status

On the day, people across the world unite to show support for those living with HIV and to remember those who died.

World AIDS Day 2021: Share These Quotes, WhatsApp And Facebook Status

World AIDS Day is observed on December 1.

Since its discovery nearly four decades ago, HIV/AIDS continues to be a serious health challenge the world over. As we observe World AIDS Day on December 1, it is important to know that awareness regarding the disease is as crucial as showing solidarity with millions of HIV-positive people who are battling stigma. The theme for this year is, quite aptly, ‘End Inequalities. End AIDS'.

Here are a few quotes, WhatsApp and Facebook status that you can share on World Aids Day:

-- On World AIDS Day, let us all pledge to be sympathetic and empathetic towards those who are fighting a battle against the disease.

-- World AIDS Day is here to remind us that the only way to remove fear and stigma around the disease is through education and awareness.

-- On World AIDS Day, we need to remember that we have to be more sensitive to those battling the disease and their families who often end up facing discrimination.

-- Many people have already lost their lives to AIDS. It's high time we educate ourselves and spread awareness on the disease.

-- Let us all come together and educate the young minds and make them aware of AIDS, so that one day in the future, we can dream of having an AIDS-free society.

-- It is due to the lack of education around AIDS that fear, panic, and stigma continue to play a huge role.

-- Hate AIDS, but be sensitive and supportive to those suffering from it.