Women Empowerment Not Political Agenda For BJP: Amit Shah's Top 5 Quotes

Home Minister Amit Shah slammed the Opposition over playing politics on the issue of women's reservation bill

Women Empowerment Not Political Agenda For BJP: Amit Shah's Top 5 Quotes

Amit Shah slammed the Opposition in parliament today

New Delhi: Home Minister Amit Shah criticised the Opposition today over the women's reservation bill for playing politics. Mr Shah said women empowerment is not a political agenda for the BJP, though it may be for the Opposition.

Here are the top quotes of Amit Shah

  1. The women of India will now have a role to play in policymaking. For some political parties, women empowerment is a political agenda, but for BJP it is not.

  2. This is a golden moment in India's history. Yesterday, we entered the new parliament on Ganesh Chaturthi and the women's quota bill was also presented in the Lok Sabha. I want to thank Prime Minister Narendra Modi for honouring women.

  3. Once this constitutional amendment is cleared, the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and all Vidhan Sabhas will reserve 33 per cent seats for women. This will end a long battle for women's rights.

  4. The day Modi ji became Prime Minister, there were 70 crore people who had no bank accounts. Modi ji started Jan Dhan Yojana. Crores of accounts were opened in the name of the women head of family.

  5. Congress ruled for over five decades. Yet 11 crore homes had no toilets. Women suffered the most due to this. There was no piped water. Who suffered the most? The mothers in every household.

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