This Article is From Aug 23, 2013

Will have you stripped: Shiv Sena leader to toll plaza staff

Shiv Sena MLA Anil Kadam captured on camera abusing the staff at the toll plaza

Mumbai: The Shiv Sena leader gets out of his car and warns the all-women staff at a toll plaza  in his constituency: "B********, in spite of my saying it, you don't let the car pass. I'm warning you, I will ask the women of my family to strip you."

The litany of abuse continues from Anil Kadam, a state legislator from Niphad in Nashik Maharashtra, 209 km from the capital of Mumbai.

"M********, I told you I am MLA and I also gave my car number. You are running the toll in my area. I will create hell for you." Then he orders his supporters, "Go break things."

They oblige by vandalising the booths at the toll plaza, breaking a computer.

The police said that Mr Kadam apparently lost his cool because the staff stopped his car and asked for the toll payment of Rs 40. State legislators' cars are exempted from the toll but Mr Kadam was reportedly travelling in a private car.

A complaint has been registered by the women staff at the toll against the MLA.

In a similar incident late last night, supporters of Samajwadi Party MLA Abdul Rashid ransacked a tool booth at Kasheli near Bhiwandi in Maharashtra's Thane district and assaulted the staff because the legislator was asked to pay toll.

While the MLA was present during the incident, he later denied that he had instigated or led the attack.