Watch: Miraculous Rescue Of Family Trapped In Submerged Car Near Mumbai

The family was travelling in mid-size car when somehow it slipped off the bridge and got stuck in the water.

A family was trapped in a submerged car in Navi Mumbai's Tajola.

Navi Mumbai:

Dramatic footage of a rescue of a family who were trapped in their car shows them being pulled to safety with the help of a rope as their car is submerged in water. The footage was captured on a mobile phone as it took place in Taloja in Navi Mumbai.

The footage shows the family sitting on top of the car as the rest of the vehicle is under water. Locals reach the family with a rope and one by one they are brought to safety as they locals hold on to the rope. The women are rescued first followed by the man who is the last one to be pulled to safety.

The incident took place in the Ghotgaon area of Taloja on Monday afternoon when the family's car was caught in the rapidly flowing waters of a river as they made a desperate attempt to escape and save their lives.

37-year-old Ashraf Khalil Shaikh, his wife Hamida and two children were miraculously pulled out to safety by local villagers before the car could be washed away.

The family was travelling in mid-size car when somehow it slipped off the bridge and was stuck in the water with water levels steadily rising due to the heavy rain in the area. Luckily stones in the river ensured the car was stuck for a while giving locals crucial time to pull them out to safety.

According to the police, local residents Narayan Gangaram Patil, Lahu Narayan Patil, Laxman Waman Dhumal, Tulsiram Baliram Nighudkarav, Rupesh Rama Patil rushed to the family's aide and pulled them out of the car.

"Miraculously the passengers of the car received only minor injuries and they went home after receiving first aid," a local police officer told reporters.