Video: On Suspicion Of Theft, Man Tied To Pole In Delhi, His Head Shaved

The man was detained by locals in Wazirabad for alleged theft.

The man being brutally assaulted while being chained to a pole

New Delhi:

His head was being shaved. A man walks in and slaps him hard across the face. Then again. And again. And yet again. He then kicks him in the chest. A raised fist lands on his back. The tied-up man is then kicked in the face. There are people all around but no one intervenes. The incident is from Delhi.

The man was detained by locals in Wazirabad for alleged theft. After the extremely rough and brutal treatment, the man was let go. The police were not informed. Locals filmed the incident on their mobiles and the video is now in wide circulation.


The man was detained and thrashed in Delhi

The alleged thief was also made to clean the drain.

"Today, on 19.8.22,  one video clip was reportedly getting viral on social media in which some person is found beating a person namely Sakil and there are bystanders also. During the inquiry, it is revealed that local residents of Wazirabad village apprehended a thief red handed, while he had stolen a water motor from the house of one Faizan  r/o Gali no 9, Wazirabad Delhi and allegedly beat him and shaved his head off," said police.

The investigation in the matter in underway, said police.