Telangana Chief Minister Accuses NDA Of Playing "Divisive Politics"

K Chandrasekhar Rao said the country and the State would be better if "wicked" people in power at the Centre were bid goodbye.

Telangana Chief Minister Accuses NDA Of Playing 'Divisive Politics'

We will be better only if we drive this government at the Centre away, said KCR. (FILE)


Continuing his tirade against the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao on Thursday accused them of playing divisive politics and attempting to dislodge non-BJP governments in the country.

He said the country and the State would be better if "wicked" people in power at the Centre were bid goodbye.

Addressing a public meeting after inaugurating the Integrated Offices Complex of Ranga Reddy district here, he alleged that the Central government has not decided on Telangana's share in Krishna riverwater post-bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh in 2014.

"We will be better in all ways only if we drive this inactive, passive government at the Centre away. Our Telangana should play an animated role in national politics also in the days to come. Should Telangana play (the role)? Should we raise our fist in national politics? Shall we go ahead?" he asked the gathering.

The country would have "expiation only if these wicked people are bid goodbye" and the State would also become a 'golden Telangana', he said.

"By playing a vibrant role in national politics, Telangana should also become a partner in the 'maha yagna' that would prove that these people, who trigger impatience in society by dividing people, who dislodge Opposition party governments through undemocratic means have no place in this country," Rao said.

Observing that various benefits like supplying free power to ryots, farm investment support and social security pensions to senior citizens were being provided under different schemes now, he asked the gathering whether it is desirable to have a welfare-oriented Telangana or a Telangana that is beset with religious fanaticism.

Does the NDA government at the Centre have one achievement to its credit in terms of welfare and development, he asked.

While there is 24x7 power supply in Hyderabad, supply of electricity and water is a problem in the national capital which reflects on the performance of the Prime Minister, he said.

He claimed that BJP leaders talked about dislodging democratically-elected governments in Opposition-ruled States.

"What a mess! If people give the opportunity, you have to work for that particular term in office. If people don't give the opportunity, you have to be in Opposition role. But, what is happening? The Prime Minister at the Centre is conspiring and dislodging nine governments elected by the people so far," he said.

If such things are tolerated, it will lead to occurrence of communal flare-ups, he said.

It takes time to build something but destruction does not take time, he said.

Seeking to buttress his claim, he said Bengaluru which is known as the 'silicon valley of India' created less number of jobs in IT sector than Hyderabad this year.

The reason is the eco system being polluted with communal issues like 'Hijab' and 'Halal', he said.

He said the vibrant environment in Hyderabad should not be disturbed with communal politics that is being played.

Meanwhile, State BJP president and MP Bandi Sanjay Kumar dismissed the KCR's allegations against the NDA government and the BJP.

Mr Kumar said it was disgusting on the part of the Chief Minister to convert an official programme into a political platform.

“If he wants to make political criticism, he should go to Telangana Bhavan (TRS office), not even Pragati Bhavan (CM camp office-cum-official residence),” he said.

He sought to know what the TRS government had done in the last eight years to Telangana.

The BJP chief said he had been clearly explaining to the people during his 'padayatra' what the Centre had been doing to the State.

“Why is not the Chief Minister explaining what he has done to the district," he said.

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