Taliban Killed My Brother For Working For US Troops: Afghan Man In Delhi

On Sunday, Dr AS Barak got a call from his family in Kabul, saying his younger brother who worked for the US troops was shot dead by the Taliban.

AS Barak says his doctor brother was killed in front of family for working for US troops.

New Delhi:

Anguished families have been camping at Delhi's United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees office for the last one week, but for Dr AS Barak, life has come to standstill after he was informed his younger brother was shot dead by the Taliban on Sunday.

Dr AS Barak says the Taliban hunt him down because he worked for the US troops.

Speaking to NDTV, he said, "I got a call on Sunday evening from my cousin in Kabul saying that the Taliban came behind our homes enquiring for my younger brother and shot him dead. He worked with the US troops. The Taliban came inside our home, asked for him, dragged him out and shot him dead with 6 bullets"

"I have been protesting here in Delhi for a different cause and when I learned that my brother was killed, I immediately head back home as my head started reeling and I felt dizzy. I couldn't speak to my parents as they were in shock and are senior citizens. Later, when I spoke to my parents at midnight, they cried profusely. My younger brother was married with two sons. He was shot dead in front of everyone. They must have got data of my brother and they shot my brother because he worked with the US troops," he told NDTV.

Members of the Afghan community entered 8th day of their protest at Delhi's UNHCR office, demanding refugee status and resettlement in the backdrop of the Taliban taking over Afghanistan. Ahmad, overlooking the protest since day one told NDTV, "we will not leave this till our demands are heard. Even if it takes two or three months, we will stay here".

Soniya Khan who moved to India from Afghanistan 10 years ago, firmly tells NDTV, "we will not move an inch till we get a response from the UNHCR office here".