Shashi Tharoor Tweeted On A New Ahmedabad Restaurant. Why He Was Trolled

Congress MP was trolled for misspelling Ahmedabad and calling it a part of 'North India' in 'his Appiitto' post

Shashi Tharoor Tweeted On A New Ahmedabad Restaurant. Why He Was Trolled

The Thiruvananthapuram MP misspelt "Ahmedabad" and referred to the city as a part of "North India".

New Delhi:

Congress lawmaker Shashi Tharoor, known for his expansive vocabulary and passion for wordplay, was trolled on Twitter for a post in which he misspelt Ahmedabad and referred to it as 'North India'.

In his tweet, the Thiruvananthapuram lawmaker took a jibe at the name of an Ahmedabad-based restaurant chain which recently set up shop in Kerala. The restaurant's name, 'Appiitto', translates to "Did you poop?" in Malayalam. 

Amused, Shashi Tharoor posted a tweet.  


"The hilarious consequences of most North Indians' ignorance of Southern languages! Popular restaurant chain in Ahmadabad recently opened its outlet in Kochi. But the hotel is struggling to find patrons. If they asked a Malayalam-speaker, they would understand why!," he tweeted along with a picture of the restaurant's signboard.

The post, shared on March 15, was meant to be a humorous take on the restaurant's challenge of drawing customers in Kochi. 

Twitter, obviously, was quick to catch Mr Tharoor's mistake and called him out instantly.

The last time Mr Tharoor was trolled when he took to Twitter to wish people on Mahavir Jayanti but used Gautam Buddha's picture instead.