This Article is From Sep 28, 2020

Madhya Pradesh Cop Justifies Beating Wife On Video, Not Arrested

"If my nature is abusive, then she should've complained earlier. This is a family dispute, not a crime," Madhya Pradesh police officer Purushottam Sharma said.

Madhya Pradesh police officer Purushottam Sharma justified his actions against his wife


A disturbing video has emerged of a senior police officer in Madhya Pradesh assaulting his wife, promoting action against him. The officer has been shifted and relieved of his duties.  Purushottam Sharma, a Director General-rank officer, has justified his actions, calling it a "family dispute", saying it is "not a crime".

NDTV cannot confirm the authenticity of the video.

In the widely-shared video, Purushottam Sharma, 1986 batch IPS officer, is seen arguing with his wife. In seconds, he holds her, pins her to the floor and thrashes her. Two other men can be seen in the room, with one of them coming near the couple.  A pet dog is seen barking and walking around the room as the wife is being assaulted.

The officer is also seen showing injuries on his hand even as he continues yelling at his wife.

"If my nature is abusive, then she should've complained earlier. This is a family dispute, not a crime. I am neither a violent person nor a criminal. It is unfortunate that I have to go through this. My wife stalks me and has put cameras in the house," the police officer was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

He said they have been married for 32 years and that his wife had complained against him in 2008.

"But the point is, since 2008, she has been living in my house, enjoying all facilities and travelling abroad on my expenses," he reportedly said.

The wife was assaulted allegedly after she confronted Mr Sharma with his friend.

Reacting to the incident, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said, "He has been relieved of his duties. If anyone who holds a responsible position is found to be indulging in illegal activities and taking laws into his hands, then action will be taken against them, irrespective of who they are."

State Home Minister Narottam Mishra said, "I too have seen and read about it. If there's any official complaint, then we'll see."

The National Commission for Women (NCW) has taken note of the video and its chief, Rekha Sharma, has written to the Chief Minister, seeking "appropriate punishment" for the officer. "Such incidents send a wrong message to the society," the NCW tweeted.

(With inputs from ANI)