This Article is From Aug 16, 2016

Are Our Airports Safe Enough? After Brussels Terror Attack, A Scrutiny

Are Our Airports Safe Enough? After Brussels Terror Attack, A Scrutiny

Approaches to airports are vulnerabale and random security checks are required, an official said

New Delhi: All airports in the country will undergo a security audit following the recent terror attacks at airports like Brussels and Istanbul. Among other things, the perimeter security of all airports will be checked, said officials.

The Home Ministry, which ordered the audit, says it wants specific weak points to individual airports to be inspected and loops holes plugged.

The committee, comprising security officials, will visit all the 130-odd airports across the country and  will submit its report in 20 days. The Centre will then sit down with state governments to plug the gaps.

The ministry also feels the approaches to airports are vulnerable and more random security checks are required as deterrence. Also, there are gaps in approach to cargo terminals and patrolling by security agencies should be done in this area, an official said.

Security permissions regarding buildings surrounding airports also need to be handled with care, the official said.

Currently, Srinagar is the only airport where passengers are frisked before they enter the terminal building. There is no system of baggage checking before passengers enter the terminal.

Perimeter security is also a matter of concern, given the encroachments outside many airports, including Mumbai. The matter was highlighted in a report by a parliamentary committee in December.

The report of the audit will be submitted by a multi-agency committee. The agencies include the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security and Central Industrial Security Force or CISF.