This Article is From Oct 29, 2014

Robbers Dig Tunnel to Steal Crores From Haryana Bank

Robbers managed to break open 90 of 360 lockers

New Delhi:

A gang of robbers pulled off a Hollywood-style heist in Haryana's Gohana town by digging a tunnel to a bank and looting cash and jewellery worth crores.

The gang dug a 2.5 feet wide tunnel to the strong room of the Punjab National Bank from an abandoned building across the road. Reports suggest the tunnel was 125 feet long.

The robbery - one of the biggest in the country in recent times - was discovered on Monday morning; the police say it could have taken place any time after Saturday night in the town 200 km from state capital Chandigarh.

Police officers could be seen inspecting the tunnel, which seems to have escaped notice until the robbers had long gone. Two rooms in the building where the tunnel was dug from are filled with earth and windows are covered with cardboard to hide the digging activities.

The tunnel led right into the strong room secured by metal bars. It was completely ransacked. Grim-faced bank employees were seen assessing the damage.

Bank officials say the robbers managed to break open 90 of 360 lockers in the room.

The police say the gang could have been at work for over a month.

In the last such incident, robbers had drilled through the floor of a bank in Kerala to enter the strong room and steal 80 kilograms of gold and cash worth around eight crores. The robbers were finally caught and their leader had confessed that he had been inspired by a popular Hindi film.