Raksha Bandhan 2022: Here Are 5 Unique Ways To Celebrate The Festival With Your Siblings

On Raksha Bandhan, show your siblings that you care for and love them. These unique celebration ideas will come in handy.

Raksha Bandhan 2022: Here Are 5 Unique Ways To Celebrate The Festival With Your Siblings

Plan an outing with your siblings to celebrate Raksha Bandhan.

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is enthusiastically celebrated with a lot of zeal by siblings. You should spend this day with your siblings to the fullest, savouring every moment. Siblings have an unbreakable link. Even though they may fight or bicker all day, they genuinely care about and love one another. We all have happy memories of celebrating Rakhi with our siblings as kids. On Raksha Bandhan, this year let's show them yet again that we care and that we love them.

Here are a few unique ways to have a good time on Raksha Bandhan 2022:

1) Take a trip down memory lane

Create a nostalgic video or DIY present that takes you back to your younger days and the priceless experiences you and your brother shared. It may be a scrapbook or a video montage that chronicles your life from funny kids to the responsible adults you are now. You will giggle about some hilarious incidents that will undoubtedly bring up joy. If you're creating a video montage, gather all of your enjoyable and touching family memories. Then, make a stunning film with music and heartfelt messages wishing your siblings a Happy Raksha Bandhan.

2) Throw a party

Usually, family members, which includes siblings, get together only on special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or festivals. So, make the most of Rakhi and ensure your siblings have a great time. One of the ways to do that is by throwing a day-long party for them on Raksha Bandhan. It could be an enjoyable gathering at your home. You could turn it into a fun night out with food and drinks.

3) Play fun games or watch a movie together

Play games like UNO, snakes and ladders, ludo, and others all day long with your siblings. There are also outdoor activities like badminton and cricket. Another way to celebrate Raksha Bandhan is to watch a movie with your siblings. You can watch a film about siblings or one with a Raksha Bandhan theme. You and your siblings can watch a new movie at a theatre or an OTT show.

4) Plan a family trip

Plan an outing with your siblings to celebrate rakhi. There must be favourite family locations, such as getaways, places of worship or recreation. Heading to one such place can make you feel nostalgic. You all can also plan to go somewhere you've never been before. That could be exciting and pleasant as well. You can tie your brother a rakhi during this outing. Given that it provides all of you with a much-needed respite from your regular routine, this may actually turn out to be a really entertaining Raksha Bandhan.

5) Order your siblings' favourite meal if they are away

Raksha Bandhan can be celebrated in many wonderful ways, but sometimes siblings who live apart are unable to take part in the festivities, and you can't even cook your siblings' favourite meal. So, what do you do? Order their favourite foods from a restaurant that's near the place they live. They will be delighted, for sure.