Rahul Bose Wrongly Tags Woman 'Vistara' On Twitter, Her Bio Mentions "Not An Airline"

After recently travelling on a Vistara airline and experiencing a variety of problems, actor Rahul Bose posted on Twitter that he was disappointed.

Rahul Bose Wrongly Tags Woman 'Vistara' On Twitter, Her Bio Mentions 'Not An Airline'

Actor Rahul Bose tagged a woman instead of the airlines in tweet.

On Twitter, tagging the incorrect handle or profile is nothing new. Everyone has experienced it, from government ministries to movie stars. However, wrong tagging can be so detrimental that the person makes sure to make it clear in their bio to avoid it.

The same thing occurred on September 26, when Indian actor Rahul Bose mistakenly tagged a woman by the name of Vistara. But Mr Bose's attack was actually directed at the commercial, full-service airline, Air Vistara.

Mr Rahul expressed his complaints about delayed boarding, terrible food, and supposedly being unable to reach the lounge at the Ahmedabad airport.

On Monday evening, using Twitter, he wrote, "Apathetic ground staff, no lounge access for business class passengers, delayed boarding, food that looked intriguing but was deceptively inedible, mask protocol moody at best. I've flown @vistara four times this week. Erratic on all metrics. Today's #UK956 Ahd-Bom case in point."

And as he was bringing up this matter, he mistakenly tagged a woman named 'Vistara' rather than Vistara Airlines.

However, given that her bio specifically states that she is "Not an Airline," the woman appears to have been tagged numerous times with this handle.

The tweet itself attracted numerous amusing replies from various individuals, but the most important comment came from the airline itself, which expressed regret for the difficulties the actor had to deal with, "Hi Mr. Bose, we are concerned to note your agony. We regret that currently, we do not have a lounge tie-up at Ahmedabad airport. We are constantly working on making necessary enhancements. With regard to other concerns, we request some time to check with our team. Please allow us time till we get back. Your patience in the interim will be highly appreciated. Thanks, Aishwarya."

However, Mr. Bose was so furious with the staff's lack of professionalism that he wasn't satisfied with their apologies and he responded, "You clearly don't regret it because the ground staff person (I don't want to mention names) casually, almost bored, without a hint of embarassment (you have to hand it to her for sheer chutzpah), said there was no lounge facility for Business Class passengers. Zero apology!"

A similar event occurred earlier this month when a UK citizen named Liz Trussell, who uses the Twitter handle @Liztruss, was mentioned in a number of tweets concerning UK Prime Minister Liz Truss.