PM Modi Speech Today Live Updates: PM Addresses Nation Amid Coronavirus, Festivals

PM Narendra Modi's address to nation: The speech comes at a time when the country is on the verge of celebrating a series of festivals and a fast-approaching winter.

PM Modi Speech Live: This is PM Modi's seventh address since announcing lockdown in March (File)

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the nation today, his seventh since announcing a country-wide lockdown in March in an attempt to control the spread of coronavirus.

The speech comes at a time when the country is on the verge of celebrating a series of festivals and a fast-approaching winter.

Experts have raised concerns that alongside the unlock rules, the festival season may lead to a surge in infections.

India's COVID-19 tally is close to 76 lakhs but for the first time in nearly three months, the country has recorded less than 50,000 new cases in a day. The health ministry reported 46,790 fresh cases in the last 24 hours, which takes the overall cases to 75,97,063.

Here are the Live updates of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speech:

Oct 20, 2020 18:14 (IST)
Till the time we do not get the vaccine, even a little irresponsibility can harm us and all those around us. Wear masks, maintain 2 gaz ki doori, wash hands regularly, use sanitisers and do not venture out unless absolutely necesary: PM Modi
Oct 20, 2020 18:11 (IST)
Several versions of vaccines are being worked upon in India as well. Some of them are at advanced stage. The government is also working to prepare the nation to ensure that the vaccine reaches every India as soon as possible: PM Modi

Oct 20, 2020 18:10 (IST)
"In Europe, America and other countries, the number of cases have seen a hike yet again after seeing a reduction. We should continue to be careful and not be callous until the vaccine of the virus is created": PM Modi
Oct 20, 2020 18:09 (IST)
"If you are careless, walking out without a mask, then you are putting yourself, your family, your children, the elderly in trouble": PM Modi
Oct 20, 2020 18:08 (IST)
"India will soon cross the 10 crore test number, which has been a major asset in our fight against the pandemic. Our doctors, nurses and health workers have all served our massive population
minutely. This is not the time to be careless": PM Modi
Oct 20, 2020 18:04 (IST)
"We have tackled Covid to a large extent. Our recovery rate is among the highest in the world, the fatality rate is low. Out of every million, we have around 83 deaths. This, compared to other nations, which see around 600 deaths per million, is much better. Over 90 lakh beds are available for patients. 2,000 labs are working for COVID tests," says PM Modi.
Oct 20, 2020 18:03 (IST)
"To give our lives some momentum, and to keep our homes running, we are slowly venturing out again. Festivals are also upon us, but we must not forget that while the lockdown may have ended, the virus hasn't. It is still very much a threat. The state that India is in right now, we should not let it go down. We must strive to improve it," says PM Modi.