This Article is From Dec 08, 2022

PM Says Vote Share Difference Less Than 1% In Himachal Results: Top Quotes

PM Modi said, "In Himachal, 'raj' may have changed, but 'riwaz'(tradition) has also changed as there was a gap of less than 1 per centin vote share of the top two parties".

PM Narendra Modi at the BJP headquarters in Delhi.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today led the Gujarat election victory celebrations at the BJP's headquarter in Delhi. The BJP raced to its best-ever result in Gujarat, with the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) cutting into Congress votes.

Top Quotes Of PM Modi

  1. I thank the people of Delhi, Gujarat and Himachal. The BJP has been receiving love from across the country. Not just in Gujarat, but we had a big win in the UP byelection too - in Rampur.

  2. In Himachal, 'raj' may have changed, but 'riwaz' (tradition) has also changed as there was a gap of less than 1 per cent in vote share of the top two parties. This has never been the case in Himachal. This is the first time that such a thin margin was recorded in the state.

  3. The reason why the BJP is loved so much across the nation is because the people of this nation know that BJP has the conviction and courage to take bold and tough decisions. This is also reflected in the ever-growing support and trust that BJP is gaining with time.

  4. I had said during the campaign in Gujarat that this time Narendra Modi's record (of 127) has to be broken, that Bhupendra (Gujarat Chief Minister) will break Narendra's record, and for that Narendra will work relentlessly and with all his heart and mind. And that resonated with the people.

  5. Gujarat's love for BJP despite it being in power for 25 years is unprecedented, they have broken all records, written history.

  6. In these elections, people in Gujarat from all walks of life, all backgrounds, all castes and faiths have come together and voted for BJP. The youth too have voted for BJP. Today's youth vote only when they trust in the party.

  7. The vision for BJP in these polls was 'Viksit Gujarat se Viksit Bharat ka nirmaan'. When the country aims high, they know they can trust BJP. When they need the nation to make tough decisions, they know they can trust BJP, when their aspirations are sky-high, they know they can trust BJP to deliver.

  8.  The BJP worker works non-stop for the benefit of the people and the nation. We as a party have also shown that we live by our values and ideals and no matter what, we never compromise on that.

  9. Behind every single decision and plan that the BJP has, there is a long-term vision. Nothing is done without a vision. People of India now know that shortcut politics will damage the nation.

  10.  BJP is inclusive in its approach. For BJP, men and women are seen as equals. All of BJP's policies are ones that have an essence of equality. For BJP, the women progress of women is a mission.

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