This Article is From Sep 27, 2020

Farmers Have Power To Sell Crops To Whoever They Want: PM In Mann Ki Baat

Coronavirus crisis period has served in fostering bonding among family members, bringing them even closer: PM Modi on Mann ki Baat.

PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation in his Mann ki Baat address

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation in his Mann ki Baat address today. He began by talking about story telling, which has been a part of our nation for centuries. He also spoke about farmers amid the controversy around farm bills that were recently be cleared by the Parliament marred by widespread protests by the opposition and farmers.

Here are the Highlights from PM Modi's Mann ki Baat address:

  • Pandemic has got all family members together. Many families gave faced some problems also.
  • Every family mostly has an elderly person who talks about traditions, cultures. He would tell a story. Story-telling is an art. The power of a story is reflected when a mother tells a story to her child, when anyone shares any experience.
  • Story telling is as old as civilisation. PM Modi narrates an anecdote from his life, on the subject of story telling.
  • India has a glorious tradition of story telling. These days, stories relating to science are gaining popularity.
  • We are proud that we are residents of that country, where there has been a tradition of Hittopadesh and Panchatantra, where, in the stories, the imaginary world of animals and birds was created, so that things of conscience and intelligence can be easily explained. I am proud we belong to a country where stories are told in panchtantras, kathas, religious stories.
  • All across India, there are many Indians making story telling popular.
  • Coronavirus crisis period has served in fostering bonding among family members, bringing them even closer.
  • As a family, set aside some time for storytelling. This will be a wonderful experience. The same way, highlight stories relating to the great women and men who have made India proud.
  • Farmers are playing a major role in the efforts to build an Aatmanirbhar Bharat.
  • During the pandemic, farmers have suffered a lot, however, they have not given up. Farmers are earning 10-12 lakh per acre every year by growing vegetables. They have the power to sell it to whoever they want.
  • Farmers in Pune and Mumbai run weekly markets themselves. In these markets, the products of about four and a half thousand farmers, of about 70 villages, are sold directly - no middleman.
  • Rural-youth are directly involved in the market, in the process of farming and selling - it directly benefits the farmers, employs the youth of the village.
  • Three or four years ago, in Maharashtra, fruits and vegetables were excluded from the purview of Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC). This change is an example of how the fruit and vegetable growing farmers of Maharashtra changed the situation, Sri Swami Samarth Farmer's producer company limited - This is a group of farmers.
  • They, too, took fruits and vegetables directly from the farmers' fields during the lockdown, and, going straight away, got rid of the middlemen in the markets of Lucknow and received whatever price they wanted.
  • One who is grounded stays firm during the biggest of storms. Our farmers are a living example of this during COVID-19.
  • You think, how many young people did they employ, and the fun is that, by not being middlemen, the farmer benefited as well, and the consumer also benefited.
  • Friends, in today's date, the more modern options we give to farming, the more it will grow, new ways will come in it, new innovations will be added.
  • A twelve-year-old boy went to the scene after the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. A cheerful and playful child, but what he saw in Jallianwala Bagh was beyond his imagination. He was shocked, wondering how anyone would be so ruthless. May be, he started burning in a fire of innocent anger. In the same Jallianwala Bagh he vowed to fight against the British rule. Did you know who I am talking about? Yes! I am talking about martyr Veer Bhagat Singh. Tomorrow, on September 28, we will celebrate the birth anniversary of Shaheed Veer Bhagat Singh. I, along with all the countrymen, bow to Shaheed Veer Bhagat Singh, an icon of courage and valour. Can you imagine, a country that ruled such a large part of the world, that it was said that the sun would never set in his rule. Such a powerful regime, was frightened by a 23-year-old man. Shaheed Bhagat Singh was a scholar as well as a scholar, a thinker. Without worrying about his life, Bhagat Singh and his revolutionary companions carried out such bold works which contributed a lot to the independence of the country. His dedication to Lala Lajpat Rai or his association with revolutionaries including Chandrashekhar Azad, Sukhdev, Rajguru has never been more important to him than personal pride. Another beautiful aspect of Shaheed Veer Bhagat Singh's life is that he understood the importance of team work very well. He did not care at all for his life. They continued on their duty path and we all saw how they came out victorious and raised the pride of Mother India.
  • Four years ago, it was around this time, during the surgical strike, the world saw the courage, valour and bravery of our soldiers. Our brave soldiers had the same objective and the same goal, at all costs, to protect the pride and honor of Mother India.
  • October 2 is a sacred and inspiring day for all of us. This is a day to remember Mother India's two sons, Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri. The thoughts and ideals of Bapu are more relevant today than ever, the economic thought of Mahatma Gandhi, if that spirit would have been captured, understood, had gone on that path, then, today, the need for self-reliant India campaign does not even exist. Gandhiji's economic thought had an understanding of India's nerve, the fragrance of India.
  • The life of Bapu reminds us to ensure that every action we do is done for the benefit of the poorest of the poor. Shastri ji's life gives us a message of humility and simplicity.
  • My dear countrymen, in this period of coronavirus, I will remind you once again, do keep a mask, do not go out without a face cover. The rule of two yards can save you, your family too. These are some rules against this corona, weapons of war, strong means of saving the life of every citizen. And, let's not forget, unless there is medicine, no slack until then. May you be healthy, your family healthy, thank you very much.