This Article is From Jan 26, 2015

PM Modi's Suit Had His Name. Everywhere.

The suit PM Modi was wearing had his full name forming the stripes.

New Delhi: It appeared to be a regular dark bandh-gala suit, but it turns out, the stripes on it were actually rows of his name repeated over and over. That's right. Prime Minister Narendra Modi spent the better part of yesterday with US President Barack Obama in an outfit that spelled out his name, from start to finish, middle name included. Narendra Damodardas Modi.

The suit was what the PM changed into after greeting POTUS at the airport with a bear hug. For that appearance, he was in a kurta pyjama with a Nehru jacket and a stole. When the leaders met at Rashtrapati Bhawan for a formal welcome to the Obamas, the PM was in a suit - no ordinary suit, as it turns out. With his name running the length of the suit, the PM clinched a nuclear deal and got Mr Obama familiar with "a chai pe charcha" on the lawns of the princely Hyderabad House.

The say-my-name suit was tailored by Jade Blue in Ahmedabad, the clothing chain that handles Mr Modi's wardrobe and has copyrighted the 'Modi Brand' of kurtas. Proprietor Bipin Chauhan designed the now-famous "Modi kurta" that got a shout-out last night from POTUS at the banquet held at Rashtrapati Bhawan last night. President Obama said he'd thought about wearing a Modi kurta to the event.

Unclear if he feels equally kindly about the PM's suit.