This Article is From Nov 18, 2017

On Video, UP Cops Seen Torturing Boy Inside Police Station Compound

The senior policeman of the two even makes an effort to balance himself on the piece of wood, and this makes the boy scream in pain.

In the video, the boy is seen crying out pleading for forgiveness.


  • The boy was accused of theft, taken to police station for questioning
  • An inquiry has been ordered, say top police officials
  • The senior cop seen in the video has been suspended
Maharajganj: In a disturbing video clip from eastern Uttar Pradesh's Maharajganj district, a teenaged boy, accused of theft, is seen being assaulted in a police station compound by two policemen despite pleading for mercy.

He begs for mercy but the brutality of the officers only grows. Both cops first place a piece of wood on the boy's legs and stand on it at both ends. The boy cries out pleading for forgiveness, but the policemen do not yield. The senior of the two policeman even makes an effort to balance himself on the piece of wood, and this makes the boy scream in pain.

After a while, the same policeman begins to hit the boy with his cane and also repeatedly abuses him. The boy is also kicked and slapped by this policeman.

The incident took place in September at a police station in Maharajganj called Paniyara. It is not clear who recorded the video, police say. 

As outrage over the incident spread, the police said they have suspended Sub Inspector KN Shahi - the senior cop - seen in the video.

"The cops were trying to beat the boy and recover the items allegedly stolen by him. They could not find any items on him and so he was let off. We have suspended the policeman in question, the Sub Inspector, and we will take more action after a detailed inquiry," Ashutosh Shukla, Additional Superintendent of Police of Maharajganj said.

The boy was accused of theft by a woman from his village and after a complaint was lodged against him, he was picked up by the police and brought to the police station for questioning.